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Multifire Roulette, by Microgaming and Switch Studios, is an excellent European roulette game with random multipliers that could reach up to x500.

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Multifire Roulette Game Overview

Multifire Roulette is an online version of the classic casino table game that runs using a Random Number Generator (RNG). When you load this game, the roulette table layout fills the screen, allowing you to place your chips on positions you wish to bet on. It's primarily grey but features a combination of black and red numbers

The lower half of the screen is animated with crackling flames and faintly glowing sparks rising behind the layout. After placing your chips on the layout to signify your bets for the round, the screen then shifts to provide a clear view of the 3D wheel spinning. The graphics are excellently designed, particularly on the wheel, allowing for more polished gameplay. 

Multifire Roulette's wheel has 37 pockets. So, the ball can land in any of the pockets between 1 and 36 or the single 0 (zero), making this a European roulette game. It even offers all of the typical inside and outside bets found in European roulette.

This game differs from other European roulette games thanks to the random multipliers that can appear on every turn. 

This roulette game has a Return To Player (RTP) rate of 97.3% and a bet range of £0.25 up to £25, meaning it may appeal to a variety of players. 

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How To Play Multifire Roulette

Multifire Roulette uses HTML5 technology. As such, you can enjoy the game across a range of devices, including smartphones and tablets. Also, this game comes with a fantastic 3D interface where you can easily navigate through all the options available.

This online roulette game is relatively straightforward to navigate. Once you finish loading it, you'll notice the chip under the layout denoting a bet amount. You can change the size of the chips for betting. You can then click on the layout where you wish to place a chip of the displayed denomination, and you can do this multiple times to place multiple bets.

Take note of the "Random 3" button. With it, you can let the game place three random straight-up bets. 

If you're satisfied with your bets and ready to play, you can click 'Spin' to set the wheel into motion and begin the round. 

The aim is to place a bet on where you think the ball will land. Once the wheel stops spinning and the ball has settled in a pocket, you can see if you have won or not. If the ball lands in a pocket covered by your bet, then you win. If it doesn't, you lose. 

Random Multipliers

In each round, up to 5 random numbers are selected to be Multifire Numbers. This multiplies their potential straight-up bet payouts from x50 up to x500. Understand that many roulettes present their best payouts for straight-up bets. You can also name this the single number bets. 

Hot and Cold Numbers Display

Clicking the Graph icon takes you to a page displaying a top-down perspective of the roulette wheel. Adjacent to it, you'll find two rows displaying hot and cold numbers for the session, which some players find useful to know. 

However, it's important to note that hot and cold numbers are solely down to coincidence. The RNG does not take previous results into account, so they do not impact the outcome in any way. Each spin is a random, unpredictable and independent event.

Multifire Roulette RTP

Return to Player Percentage (RTP %) is 97.3%.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time. Game features mentioned may not be available in some jurisdictions.