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Roulette Number Predictor: Can Software Predict Next Numbers?

Roulette Number Predictor: Can Software Predict Next Numbers?

For as long as roulette has existed, players have continued to look for ways to beat roulette. You might come across all types of ridiculous theories, including magnets on the roulette wheel, using a roulette number predictor, and more.

Why would players use strategies in a game of chance? Some players believe they can gain an edge over an online casino. Of course, that is impossible.

We’ll look at one of the most popular roulette theories, using a number predictor, in detail in this Roulette Online blog post.

What Is a Roulette Number Predictor?

A roulette number predictor is a fake software program that claims to predict roulette numbers successfully. Of course, you cannot predict the outcome in roulette because it’s a random game. So, anyone offering you a quick way to win in roulette is scamming you.

Do Real Roulette Next Number Predictors Exist?

Unfortunately, no software can predict the next roulette numbers. Roulette is a game of chance played on a wheel by betting on the numbers you think the ball will land on once the wheel stops.

Some players think they can use the mythical roulette number predictor to guess where the ball will land. However, this is impossible because there are too many variables in roulette, and in online roulette, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is used.

RNGs use complex mathematical algorithms to produce large quantities of unknown values per second to deliver random outcomes in the game. The RNG works at astronomical speeds, too fast for any mathematical strategy to counter, and the algorithm always uses unknown values and thus remains unpredictable.

The variables in an in-person game of roulette include the rate of wheel spin, ball speed, imperfections on the wheel and the ball, moisture in the air, and more. All of this results in a random outcome and is too unpredictable to be able to account for.

So, if anyone claims to be selling you a roulette number predictor, they’re scamming you because it’s impossible to predict a roulette outcome.

Why Roulette Number Prediction Software Should Be Avoided

Aside from being a huge waste of money, roulette number prediction software should be avoided for a number of other reasons.

One, it’s impossible to bypass roulette because no method can guarantee 100% certain success in roulette. There’s no cracking the code because the ‘code’ changes every millisecond. Even a mathematical genius couldn’t manage.

Secondly, even attempting to use such software can result in consequences for trying to compromise the casino game, even if it doesn’t work. So, it’s simply not worth it.


Roulette is a game of chance that’s impossible to track or beat. There’s no software that can let you predict what comes next on a roulette wheel. So, if you encounter anyone selling you one, be wary, as it is a scam.