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Most Common Roulette Number Patterns: What Hits Most?

Most Common Roulette Number Patterns: What Hits Most?

Have you ever noticed the roulette table at a casino? Often, it’s surrounded by a bunch of people all watching a rotating wheel in the middle. They await with bated breath to see where the wheel will stop spinning. Why? Because it might stop on a number they had initially bet on.

Some roulette players have developed theories as to how to win in roulette over time. One example is which roulette numbers hit the most. Of course, roulette is a game of chance where every outcome is random. We’ll explore more in our Roulette Online blog post below.

RNG Roulette Patterns: Do They Exist?

The Random Number Generator (RNG) produces the outcome in online roulette. An RNG uses a complex mathematical algorithm that produces random number sequences, with each sequence assigned to a random number on the wheel. 

RNGs generate random results at an astronomical rate. They are constantly creating these sequences, and the sequence produced at the moment the spin button is hit determines the outcome. The seed value going into the algorithm changes constantly, making the outcome unpredictable. So, there’s no detectable pattern that we can keep track of. It would be useless to attempt to because you cannot keep up with the rate at which the RNG works.

Does Electronic Roulette Have Patterns?

No, roulette doesn’t have patterns. Electronic roulette has no patterns because it is a game of chance.

Every spin will produce random results because the game either uses an RNG to operate or it can be a physical wheel operated by the push of a button. So, you cannot predict what comes next in the game since you cannot control the rate at which the wheel spins or the speed of the ball.

FOBT Roulette Patterns

Fixed Odds Betting Terminal roulette or FOBT roulette doesn’t have any patterns. It also has random results on each spin because it uses a Random Number Generator. 

Again, the software generates random outcomes that cannot be predicted, and using past performance to make future decisions in the game is futile as each spin is an independent event.

Can The Most Common Roulette Numbers Help You Win?

Some roulette numbers seem to appear more frequently if you play the game long enough. However, if this happens, you should note that it is a coincidence.

Roulette is a game of chance, so every outcome is random. We cannot expect that betting on some numbers will land us a win because they appeared on earlier spins. Every event on a roulette wheel is independent and unrelated to any previous spins.

Casinos display the numbers that have landed most frequently in recent spins ( ‘Hot’ numbers) as they know some players believe this information can help them on future spins. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The numbers that have appeared previously have absolutely no bearing on future results.

Why There Are No Winning Roulette Patterns

There are no winning roulette patterns to keep track of in online roulette because you can’t predict a game of chance. Every event is random, thanks to the RNG, which generates unpredictable results on each spin.

We cannot note any pattern since the RNG assigns new unknown values on each spin and produces vast quantities of number sequences every second. If you do notice any repetitive numbers, it is by mere coincidence.

So, the next time you try looking for patterns in roulette, remember that it is a game of chance, and every result is independent. Past results cannot determine future outcomes.