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Are Bookies FOBT Roulette Machines Rigged?

Are Bookies FOBT Roulette Machines Rigged?

Are Bookies FOBT Roulette Machines Rigged?

Fixed Odds Betting Terminal Roulette Machines (FOBT roulette machines for short) can be found in bookies and have long been debated over. Many punters seem to be under the impression that the bookies rig these machines.

So, what is the truth? In this blog post, we help you separate truth from fiction, walk you through what FOBT roulette machines are, and discuss if they are rigged. We will also look at whether the FOBT roulette machines are beatable and worth playing.

Is Bookies Roulette Rigged?

No, bookies roulette is not rigged. Bookies, like online casinos, have to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), and that includes maintaining a certain standard of fairness and not tampering with the games they offer.

To ensure the fairness of the games, the bookies roulette machines operate with a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG is software that uses a complex algorithm to generate random number sequences every second, whether the game is being played or not. This ensures that the number the wheel stops on is random and that the outcome is unpredictable, therefore ensuring fair play for every player. 

The bookies roulette machines are regularly inspected to ensure that they are compliant and that the RNG is working correctly and does what is expected. Players may feel like the bookie's roulette is rigged because maybe they hit a losing streak. But that is just part and parcel of playing any casino game. 

The house edge these games are built with gives the house, or the bookies, in this case, a slight advantage over the players. But that does not mean the games are rigged.

Is FOBT Roulette Beatable?

No, FOBT roulette games are not beatable. While it is understandable that no one likes to lose, there is, unfortunately, not much bookies roulette punters can do to alter the chances of winning. So, there are no tricks and tips that can help you beat the FOBT roulette games.

However, below are some tips that may prove useful:

  • Stay educated: Find all the information you can about playing FOBT roulette games, including their house edge and rules. That way, you can understand that these games are solely based on chance and are meant for entertainment rather than a way to make money. And learn the chances of each different type of bet winning and the payout odds of the different bets.
  • Set loss limits: Setting a loss limit for your games is a good idea. If you have reached the loss limit you set for yourself, you can stop the game and avoid potentially losing more money.
  • Play with minimum stakes: Playing with the smallest bet size possible may potentially prolong your game while limiting the amount of money you lose. It may also help you prevent chasing your losses. Many players do this to stick within budget and focus on gameplay rather than results.
  • Play for entertainment only: While playing FOBT roulette games, as with any other casino game, it's important to remember that it is intended as a form of entertainment. It's not intended as a way to make money. 

Are Roulette Machines In Bookies Worth Playing?

There are many reasons why players may choose to play bookies roulette, so the answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. Coming to the decision of whether or not the roulette bookies are worth it depends on what each player prefers.

If, for example, you are looking to play roulette casino in a land-based setting but with added accessibility and convenience than you would find at a typical casino, then the bookies roulette may be worth it.

The bookies roulette also has a low minimum and maximum stakes. The maximum you can bet if playing these games is £2 a spin. In addition, if all you want from a roulette game is the entertainment value, the FOBT roulette machines may be a good stop. The maximum you can win in these machines is £500.

However, if you want roulette games you can play without leaving your house, you can look at online roulette games. Roulette Online has a variety of these games that you can choose from. But you are not limited to roulette games; we also have a variety of slots and other casino games available, too.

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