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Speed Auto Roulette is a live roulette game from Evolution Gaming that follows European roulette rules.

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Speed Auto Roulette Slot Game Overview

You can play Speed Auto Roulette online at Roulette Online for stakes ranging from £0.10 to £500.

The roulette wheel features 37 numbered pockets running from 0 to 36. The 0 pocket is the only green one, and the rest of the numbers (1-36) are either black or red.

Much like traditional roulette, the objective here is to bet on the number, group of numbers, or colour you think the ball will land on once the wheel stops spinning.

The maximum payout available is 35x your stake. This is the payout for a winning Straight Up (single number) bet.

How To Play Speed Auto Roulette

  • Log in to your Roulette Online casino account and look up the Speed Auto Roulette game.
  • Pick the chip denominations at the bottom of the screen. Place your bet by dragging your cursor over the bet you want to place - simulating placing your chips on the chosen bet.
  • The wheel spins, the ball is dropped, and you wait for the ball to land in a pocket. Each round lasts 35 seconds.

If you win, the potential amount is determined by the type of bet you place. For example, outside bets offer lower payouts, but they have a higher chance of landing as they cover more numbers than inside bets.

The payouts for outside bets include a 1:1 payout for winning bets on red, black, even numbers, odd numbers, low numbers (1 to 18), and high numbers (19 to 36). A winning column or dozen bet pays out at 2:1.

Inside bets can pay as follows:

  • Straight-up bets (1 number): can pay out at 35:1.
  • Splits (2 numbers): can pay 17:1.
  • Street bets (3 numbers): can pay 11:1.
  • Corner bets (4 numbers): can pay 8:1.
  • Line bets (6 numbers): can pay 5:1.

Speed Auto Roulette House Edge

Since Speed Auto Roulette is a European roulette game, which means it has a house edge of 2.7%. This is because there is a single green zero (0) pocket, which counts as a loss on all bets except a bet specifically covering the zero, such as a Straight Up or Split bet. 

The chances of the ball landing in the green zero pocket is 1 in 37 or 2.7%.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time. Game features mentioned may not be available in some jurisdictions.