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No Zero Roulette Online Casino Game

No Zero Roulette Online Casino Game

Can you imagine a roulette game with no zero and no house edge? A few years back, one casino introduced a No Zero roulette game to offer its roulette players “true odds” but quickly stopped it after they learnt it was not profitable.

In this Roulette Online blog post, we will explain what a no-zero roulette game is, what it entails and why the casinos no longer offer it. 

What Is No Zero Roulette?

No Zero roulette used to be a roulette game where no zero was present in the wheel layout. The numbers consisted strictly of 1 to 36. The wheel normally has just a 0 or a 0 and a 00 pocket in typical roulette games; these are European and American roulette wheels, respectively.

In some casinos, you may even find a Triple Zero roulette where the wheel contains of three zero green sections, so a 0, 00, and 000. These zeros are there to ensure that the house has a slight advantage over the players, or what is commonly known as the house edge.

Is There Roulette Without Zero?

Unfortunately, the roulette without a zero no longer exists. The absence of the zero in the No Zero wheel eliminated the house edge, especially in even-money bets like Red/Black, Even/Odd, or High/Low bets, putting all the power back into the players.

But, as you can imagine, it may have had unfavourable results for the casino, which resulted in it being discontinued. 

There is also a chance that this type of roulette was offered as a promotional tool to entice clients into joining the casino because who would not want to play a casino game with no house edge?

Where Can You Play No Zero Roulette?

The No Zero roulette game was discontinued and is no longer available in any casino. It was only briefly available at one casino as a promotional tool.

Suppose you are interested in playing a roulette game with a low house edge. In that case, you may try European roulette or other variations of European roulette with a single zero and a low house edge. 

Why Zero House Edge Roulette Can’t Be Found In Casinos

The profit margin is the primary reason for the absence of a zero house edge roulette in casinos. A zero house edge roulette means that the house has no built-in advantage and, therefore, no guaranteed profits in the long run, which does not make sense for the casino.

The zero green section in a roulette wheel accounts for the house edge. Therefore, if the roulette game has no zero, the casino does not make any money from the game.

Another reason why this game is not available is that it was mainly offered as a promotional tool to attract players, not a long-term solid game.

If you’re looking for a roulette game with a lower house edge, you may want to try French or European roulette, as they have a lower house edge than American roulette.

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