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Triple Zero Roulette Wheel Layout & Odds

Triple Zero Roulette Wheel Layout & Odds

When it comes to casino games, there is one thing that is common among them: game variations. And roulette is no exception. When you think of a roulette game, you might be thinking of a single or a double zero wheel, which is a European or an American version.

But did you know there are roulette games with a triple zero? So, instead of seeing a single green or two green sections that have 0 and 00, there are wheels with three green sections containing 0, 00, and 000.

In this Roulette Online blog post, we will explore and discuss the existence of a triple zero roulette wheel layout and its odds.

What Is Triple Zero Roulette?

As the name suggests, Triple Zero roulette is a roulette game with three zeros instead of one or two, as with European or American roulette. The third 0 is sometimes written as an S instead of a triple zero (000). 

The "S" is believed to stand for Sands, which used to be a casino and a hotel in Las Vegas called Sands, now replaced by the Venetian.

That is why, in some cases, instead of an "S," the 000 section may be filled by the casino's name. This third zero section increases the casino's house edge from 5.26% (the odds for American roulette with 00) to 7.69%.

In addition, a Triple Zero roulette wheel contains 39 pockets instead of 37 or 38, as is usually the case.

Is There a Triple Zero Roulette Wheel? 

Yes, there is a triple zero roulette wheel. Although not as popular as a single or double zero wheel, there are some players who prefer to play the triple zero roulette wheel. 

However, triple zero roulette typically has a significantly higher house edge compared to the other two types of roulette, which means the house/casino has a larger advantage in this game compared to the other two.

Because this type of roulette game is not as popular as the other two, it possibly isn't available in many casinos. Therefore, if you are looking to play triple zero roulette, you may need to check in with the casino first to see if they offer this type of roulette game.

What Are The Odds on Roulette With 3 Zeros?

The odds on the roulette with three zeros are 7.69%, approximately 2.43% higher than the 5.26% found in American roulette with double zero sections and 5.99% higher than in European roulette.

The zero sections in a roulette wheel represent the advantage of the house (casino). It is best seen in the instance of placing even-money outside bets. If the green zero sections weren't there, it would be a 50/50 chance of landing this bet. But with the green zero sections counting as a loss (in addition to the other half of the 36 numbers not covered by the bet), it results in whichever one you choose now having a below 50% chance of landing and the chances of losing being higher than 50%.

As a result, the more zeros there are in the wheel, the higher the house edge:

  • European roulette has a single zero = 2.70% house edge
  • American has two zero sections (0 and 00) = 5.26% house edge
  • Triple zero roulette has three zero sections = 7.69% house edge

In addition, the roulette wheel with 3 zeros also has a lower payout potential compared to other roulette wheels. For example, a Straight Up bet in European roulette pays out 35:1, but there are 37 numbers, while in triple zero roulette, the wheel has 39 pockets, but the payout for a Straight Up remains 35:1.


In conclusion, the triple zero roulette wheel exists. Still, it is not as nearly popular as the other variations of roulette due to the addition of the third zero section, which significantly increases the house edge.

While this form of roulette offers a more challenging and unique element to the classic game, it is often met with more criticism than adoration by roulette players because it favours the house more significantly.

But, if you want to take things to a higher level and battle an even higher house edge with no variation to the potential payouts, you can give the triple zero roulette game a spin.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.