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What Is a No Spin In Roulette? No Spin Rules Explained

If you frequent roulette tables or enjoy playing roulette both online and in a land-based casino, there is a chance you may have seen the croupier grab the ball mid-spin and announce, "No spin!"

But what is a no spin in roulette? What does it mean, and what are the rules? This Roulette Online casino blog will explain it all, so continue reading to learn more.

What Does No Spin Mean In Roulette? 

A "No spin" in roulette is a common event that may occur at a roulette table. It happens if the ball does not do enough spin rounds before it comes to a stop, does not spin at all, or spins in an odd way that it does not usually spin or should not spin. 

For example, if the ball spins in the same direction as the wheel, that would result in a no-spin announcement. The ball and the wheel are supposed to spin in opposite directions.

Or, if another object drops into the wheel while the ball is spinning, perhaps a player drops one of their items like chips. Basically, if anything out of the ordinary happens to the wheel or the ball mid-spin, the dealer removes the ball from the wheel and exclaims, "No spin!"

What that means is that the spin is deemed invalid, and the dealer will start over and respond or take whatever course of action is due as determined by the rules. More on that below.

Roulette No Spin Rules

To address a No Spin fairly and transparently, the casino may have specific rules that may be made known to all punters involved. Some of these rules may include:

Announcing the No Spin

The dealers must always announce the No Spin as soon as they notice the need for it. It is common practice for the dealers to announce the No Spin before they take out the ball or as they take it out. 

In addition, the announcement typically has to happen before the ball comes to a stop unless the No Spin was called for the manner in which the ball stopped. 


The respins may be the most popular course of action the croupier may take when a No Spin occurs. 

That is especially true if the reason for a No Spin is the ball spinning in the same direction as the wheel or if the ball did not complete at least four rounds and stops due to a loss of momentum but instead stops abruptly.


In some cases, the croupier may void the spin and refund the bets to the punters. This course of action is not as popular as respins, but it can happen if, for example, there is a malfunction with the wheel and respins are not possible until it is fixed.

Remember that these rules are not written in stone and may differ from casino to casino. However, the announcement is typically the standard.

Can You Change Your Bet After a No Spin?

The answer to this question may depend on the casino and the table of roulette you are playing on. Some casinos may allow you to change your bet after a No Spin because maybe the spin was voided entirely, and it doesn't count anymore, and you received your bet back.

However, in some cases, you may not be allowed to change your bet after a No Spin if the dealer is going to re-spin the wheel. So, all the bets remain in place, and the croupier respins the wheel.

This is in an attempt to ensure consistency and fairness amongst players.


While a No Spin doesn't happen that often, there are several reasons why it may be necessary for the croupier to call a No Spin during a roulette game. If you are unsure why a No Spin is called, you can always ask the dealer to explain, but they never just do it without an adequate reason.

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