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Roulette Computer: Does a Prediction Computer Device Work?

Roulette Computer: Does a Prediction Computer Device Work?

The winning potential of casino games has caused some players to seek ways to try and cheat the games.

Given the above, it is no surprise that some roulette players may try and search for a roulette prediction computer device.

But the question is, does it work, and is it legitimate?

Continue reading this Roulette Online blog post to find out!

What Is a Roulette Computer Device?

A roulette computer device is advertised as a tool that can help you “win” roulette by predicting where the ball will land. They are typically small devices and can come in various forms.

Nowadays, they tend to come as an app that can be installed or accessed from various devices, such as mobile phones or smartwatches.

Some may be connected to a laser tool, which claims to “measure” the speed at which the wheel is spinning and, therefore, has the potential to predict where the ball will land.

However, these devices are a scam and do not work at all. The sites or “companies” selling them do so purely to try and exploit roulette players by promising impossible results. Roulette is a random game of chance, and no tool can predict where the ball may land.

Roulette Computer Software App

As mentioned above, roulette computer devices rarely come in the form of an actual device. Instead, they are often marketed as a downloadable app you can install on your mobile phone, smartwatch, or small tablet.

The idea is that it would be much easier to conceal a software app rather than an actual device when coming into a casino. The roulette computer software app can also be advertised as a tool that can help you “predict” where the ball will land.

Of course, not only are these apps or cheating software devices ineffective, but they are also illegal and frowned upon in casinos. 

In addition, they may also pose a danger that has nothing to do with playing a roulette game. For example, the sellers or the scammers may be able to gain access to sensitive information on your mobile device using the very same app they sold to you as a cheating tool.

How do Roulette Computers Work?

The specifics of how these roulette computers work may differ depending on the type of roulette computer. However, they all have one thing in common: tracking the movement of the wheel and using “complex algorithms to determine where the ball may land.”

They apparently take into consideration the speed at which the wheel and the ball are moving and calculate this information using complex algorithms to determine where the ball will land. 

Essentially, the basic premise of these roulette computers is that they study the movement of the wheel and the ball and then use this information to try and calculate and predict future spin outcomes.

Do Roulette Predictors Work?

While the prospects of using computers and technology to predict roulette outcomes may sound appealing, they do not work. 

As mentioned above, the basic premise of these computers is that they study the movement of the ball and the wheel and then use this information in an attempt to predict future spins.

As you may know, the position where the ball will land is unpredictable because roulette is random, and the wheel or the ball has no memory. In addition, every spin in roulette is an independent event. Past spins do not dictate future spins. Therefore, it would be impossible to predict what could happen on the next spin based on what happened on previous spins.

These machines then suggest that a roulette wheel is not random, and anyone can predict what will happen when the wheel stops spinning, depending on the wheel's speed, the ball's speed and other variables that they claim to add into the equation. 

But that is not true because roulette is a game of chance, and if played online, the Random Number Generator (RNG) ensures that there is no bias, predictability or unfairness, and that each spin is a stand-alone event.

Why You Should Avoid Roulette Cheating Software

Any form of cheating in a casino game is frowned upon and is typically illegal. Therefore, if you are caught cheating, even if there is no chance that your form of cheating would succeed, you would most likely be banned from the casino, removed from the premises and could possibly be refused entry to all casinos in the area or within the same iGaming platform provider.

In some cases, players using roulette cheating software devices may lead to imprisonment. 

Some of these devices are poorly made, and the lasers used are usually not made by professionals who know what they're doing, so they could potentially harm you or anyone at the table while trying to use them.

Most importantly, these devices are useless and a waste of money, so they will not give you the results you were hoping for. Roulette is purely a game of chance, and no amount of cheating tools or strategies can help you win or eliminate the house edge.


A roulette game can be an entertaining game of chance when played responsibly. That is why it is crucial to play this game purely for entertainment purposes and not for potential monetary gain.

You may then be less likely to fall victim to internet scams such as buying roulette prediction computer devices that do not work and are generally illegal.