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American Roulette: Odds, Payouts & How To Play Online

American Roulette: Odds, Payouts & How To Play Online

Roulette is a popular casino game that has two most popular variations: European and American roulette. In this casino roulette guide, we will discuss the American roulette version. We are going to explain what American roulette is, its table layout, odds and payouts.

We will also review the difference between American and European roulette and where to play American roulette online.

What Is American Roulette?

American roulette is a version of roulette with two green zero pockets instead of one zero, like European roulette. It has a single zero (0) pocket and a double (00) pocket. This extra 00 pocket significantly increases the house edge of this game to 5.26%. 

This type of roulette is believed to have received its name because of its popularity in the North, Central and South American regions. However, the exact origin is unknown, so there is no concrete proof of where it originated.

However, some believe French immigrants introduced European roulette to New Orleans in the 19th century, and this is where it then adapted into the double-zero variation. 

To this day, American roulette is still popular in the US, but a number of players prefer European or French roulette due to their house edge.

American Roulette Wheel & Table Layout

American roulette uses the same wheel that other classic roulette variations use, except instead of a single zero pocket, American roulette would have two zero pockets, zero (0) and double zero (00).

As a result of these two green pockets, American roulette has 38 numbers: 1 to 36 plus the two zero pockets. On the wheel, the numbers are not placed in sequential order but have a unique placement corresponding to the potential betting system, such as high and low numbers, even and odd numbers, and black or red numbers.

Then, the table layout has the numbers in numerical order, starting from the zeros at the head of the table all the way to number 36 at the bottom of the table. Then, each section of the table is divided in such a way that it makes it easy for you to place your bet. 

For example, outside of the number grid, you can find sections that allow you to place bets covering groups of numbers in one place. There are the dozens, split up into the 1st dozen (first 12 numbers of the wheel), 2nd dozen, and 3rd dozen. Columns split the grid into groups of 12 lengthways, with numbers 1, 2 and 3 being at the top of each column. Then, high and low, which consist of numbers 19-36 and 1-18, respectively. Then there are odd and even, as well as red and black.

Players can make their bets by placing their chips on top of the section or numbers they want to bet on.

American Roulette Odds & Payouts 

American roulette has different odds and payouts depending on the type of bet you place. However, its house edge is 5.26%. The house edge indicates the advantage the casino, typically referred to as the house, has over the player or how much the casino can expect to make in profit over a long period. 

The odds and payouts indicate how much each bet awards and their chances of landing. For example, a bet with an even chance of winning has usually got odds closer to 50% and a payout equal to the bet size. 

So, if you place a red/black bet, the odds of it winning are 47.37%, and the payout ratio is 1:1 (a payout equal to the bet). Below is the list of typical American roulette bets and their odds and payouts:

(Bet Types – Payouts – Odds)

  • Red/Black – 1:1 – 47.37%
  • High/Low – 1:1 – 47.37%
  • Even/Odd – 1:1 – 47.37%
  • Dozens – 2:1 – 31.6%
  • Columns – 2:1 – 31.6%
  • Line – 5:1 – 15.8%
  • Corner – 8:1 – 10.5%
  • Street – 11:1 – 7.9%
  • Split – 17:1 – 5.3%
  • Straight Up – 35:1 – 2.6%

So, the higher the payout potential, the lower the odds of winning. You may notice that the even money bets (High/Low. Even/Odd, Black/Red) have a 47.37% odd instead of 50%. That is due to the house edge made possible by the zero segments, which count as a loss if they land on these bets. 

American Roulette vs. European Roulette

While it can look like there is not much difference between European and American roulette, these games share quite a few differences, some more significant than others. Let’s look at them in detail below:

Zero Pockets on The Wheel

American roulette has two zero pockets (0 and 00), whereas European roulette has one zero (0) pocket. That means the American wheel has an additional number pocket that European roulette does not have.

House Edge

Because American roulette has that extra zero pocket, the house edge is higher than that of European roulette. American roulette has a 5.26% house edge, and European roulette has a 2.6% edge. 

Wheel Layout 

Another thing altered by the extra zero pocket in American roulette is the wheel layout. Placing the bets solely based on the wheel may have been confusing for some players, which is why the table is so important. For example, the number 26 is directly next to 0 in the European roulette wheel, whereas in American roulette, 26 is two pockets away from 0. 

Best Odds

Another difference between these two roulette variations is the payout odds for each bet. For example, the black/red bets in American roulette have 47.37% odds of winning, whereas those in European roulette are slightly higher at 48.65%.

These two classic roulette games also share a lot of similarities. Both games are popular worldwide, found in many casinos, and have the same payout potential if a bet wins. For example, European roulette also pays out 35:1 for a winning straight bet or 1:1 for a winning even money outside bet.

Play American Online Roulette

One of the reasons why American roulette is popular with players is its high house edge. It potentially makes winning the game that much more interesting for the players. If you want to play American roulette online, you can do it here at Roulette Online.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.