Almighty Lollipop SuperSymbols

Almighty Lollipop SuperSymbols

Almighty Lollipop SuperSymbols slot is a candy-themed game with innovative features. With expanding symbols and reels, players can merge matching symbols to potentially form larger paying shapes. The game also offers Reel Splits and Reel Clones for increased win potential. Additionally, there's a Bonus Rush feature and a Clusterspin game for extra winnings. The slot has different RTP percentages depending on what casino site you play at, and is playable on various devices.

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Almighty Lollipop™ is a 5-reel/5-row videoslot that can grow to 9-reels/10-rows and is played with the following features:

  • SuperSymbols™
  • SuperStretch™
  • SuperSymbol™ Upgrades
  • Reel Splits
  • Free Spins with multiplier symbols and reel clones

There are 10 symbols:

  • 2 high-paying symbols
  • 3 medium-paying symbols
  • 3 low-paying symbols
  • Bonus symbol
  • Multiplier symbol (free spins only)


Only SuperSymbols™ pay.

To form a SuperSymbol™ a cluster of at least 2x2 of the same symbol type must land adjacent to each other. These will then combine into a single SuperSymbol™. The symbol cannot be attached diagonally

If one or more additional symbols of the same type is immediately adjacent to this SuperSymbol™, they cause the SuperSymbol™ to further expand along that entire side.

Any symbols that then become newly adjacent to the expanded SuperSymbol™ remain as individual symbols.

If there is only one SuperSymbol in view, after the panel evaluation all non-paying symbols are removed, with the exception of any isolated instances of the same symbol that are positioned in the same reels as the SuperSymbol, either above or below it.

Any SuperSymbols™ and the aforementioned retained isolated symbols then fall to the lowest possible point combine to form enlarged SuperSymbols™.

Any SuperSymbols™ then fall to the lowest possible point.

A cascade happens and the panel is again evaluated for new or expanding SuperSymbols™.

SuperSymbols™ of the same type that land on top of each other with the same width or adjacent to each other with the same height, will combine into a single SuperSymbol™.

When no new SuperSymbols™ are created or expanded, the round ends and wins are paid based on the final panel.


If expanded SuperSymbols™ want to occupy the same positions, one or more of them will shift upwards to create the needed space.

In this case, bonus symbols take precedence, followed by SuperSymbols™ in the paytable hierarchy order (from highest to lowest paying).

New rows can be created when the top of the panel is pushed higher by a symbol expansion/movement upwards.

The maximum number of paying rows is 17.

Any shapes that reach that level are limited in size.

SuperSymbol™ Upgrades

This feature upgrades SuperSymbols™ shapes to any higher-paying symbol and also creates additional opportunities for horizontal SuperSymbol™ expansion.

Randomly after a spin/re-spin sequence has completed and no further expansions are possible, the symbol type will be upgraded (e.g. from a 'J' to a 'A').

If possible, the newly-upgraded SuperSymbol™ can then absorb adjacent symbols of the same symbol type to form a larger SuperSymbol™. This will also trigger a fresh cascade.

Only 1 SuperSymbol™ upgrade can be triggered per spin/cascade, but each cascade in a sequence can have a SuperSymbol™ upgrade trigger.

Reel Splits

This feature adds an additional reel to increase the chance of creating SuperSymbols™.

After a panel is presented, the panel splits horizontally and a new reel is inserted in any position to the right of the current leftmost reel and to the left of the current rightmost reel.

The reels then land and the panel is evaluated.

The panel will shrink back to its base configuration when a new paid spin commences.

Multiple reels splits can happen in the initial spin and/or in subsequent re-spins.

A maximum of 4 new reels can be inserted.

Free Spins with multiplier symbols and reel clones

Free spins is played with the same features as the base game but with the addition of multiplying symbols and the Reel Clones feature (see feature descriptions, below)

Free spins starts on the same 5-reel, 5-row panel.

Whenever a bonus symbol lands it is collected to a meter, the symbol is then removed from the panel during a subsequent re-spin.

A maximum of 5 bonus symbols can land in any spin sequence.

If 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols are collected, then 5, 8 or 12 Free Spins are triggered respectively.

Free spins commences after the completion of the triggering base game spin sequence.

Free Spins can pay up to 7000x your bet amount.

Multiplier Symbols

In free spins, new multiplier symbols can land with a 2x, 3x or 5x value.

If a multiplier symbol lands adjacent to a SuperSymbol™, the SuperSymbol™ will absorb the multiplier value and the multiplier symbol will then be shown in a deactivated state.

If a SuperSymbol™ is affected by more than 1 multiplier, then the result is the product of the multiplier values (e.g. a 2X and a 3X multiplier acting upon a SuperSymbol™ will multiply any wins by 6x).

A SuperSymbol™ multiplier cannot exceed x100.

If a single multiplier lands adjacent to more than one SuperSymbol™ then each SuperSymbol™ is multiplied by the value of that multiplier.

The multiplier must be adjacent to an initial symbol.

The multiplier symbol is removed from the panel with each cascade re-spin.

If no new symbols land to cause a new or enlarged SuperSymbol™, but a new multiplier lands adjacent to one or more SuperSymbols™ then a new cascade will result.

If two or more SuperSymbols™ of the same type combine, and one or more of them has a multiplier value, then:

For when only one shape holds a multiplier: the newly combined SuperSymbol™ retains that same multiplier value

For when more than one of the shapes hold a multiplier: the value of the multiplier of the newly combined SuperSymbol™ is equal to the sum of the multipliers of the SuperSymbols™ that joined (e.g. A SuperSymbol™ with a X2 multiplier combines with a SuperSymbol™ with a X3 multiplier to make a new SuperSymbol™ with a X5 multiplier)

Reel Clones

Randomly, when a reel split occurs the symbols are a clone of the reel to the immediate left or right of the newly inserted reel.

If the cloned reel contained stacked symbols, then this feature guarantees that either a new SuperSymbol™ will be created or that an existing SuperSymbol™ will be expanded.

When a reel clone occurs, any multiplier symbols that are cloned may have a different value.

Game Rules and Information

  • The bet level is set using the BET LEVEL selectors.
  • Click the SPIN button to spin the reels.
  • Minimum Bet £0.20
  • Maximum Bet £30.00
  • Wins are paid according to the pay table.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays
  • Only highest win paid per winning combination.
  • Multiple wins are added together.
  • All Pays in the paytable reflect the current bet level
  • Free spins are paid according to the bet amount set prior to entering Free spins.
  • In accordance with fair gaming practices, the outcome of each and every game is completely independent
  • Return to Player: 94.54%

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time. Game features mentioned may not be available in some jurisdictions.